I want to thank you for getting our project back on track. Last December, I was adrift with no clear direction. You came in and got the project back on track. You really listened to me and related to my dilemma. Your customer care skills put me at ease and helped me to believe that the project really would get finished. You have given 200%+ to our project. With the current soft building market having someone like you with the unique ability to relate to the client must be an asset. In fact, having a front person with your expertise could be the deciding factor on whether a client goes with your company or another company. I have been exposed to the building industry for just over a year now and there isn’t anyone like you out there. I think it is unprecedented in the building industry.

-JH – Home Remodel Customer

“Brian was great to work with during a very hectic renovation.  He was always responsive and quick to find a resolution to the quirks that pop up during these types of jobs.  I would recommend him.”

-Brian Goldsmith – Green Star Builders client

I have been in the ‘trades’ myself for years and seen both the good and bad that it encompasses. Brian and his crew were impressive not only on the big things- (attention to detail, last minute redesigns) but also the fact that they came when they said they would and cleaned up, when they finished for the day. I have seen other contractors leave a job half-finished, but Greenstar took the project right to completion before before starting with their next client, and we never had to deal with unreturned calls either. If Brian was unreachable, I would leave a message and he got back to me within the hour, impressed on all levels! We will no-doubt want other renovations on our home, and when we do, Greenstar Builders will be the first ones we call..  Thanks again for a great job!
-The Camenga’s,
Chatham Cape Cod.
Green Star Builders client

I want to thank you again for the fantastic job you and your team did installing our new Kitchen Cabinets. I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to deal with a group of people that actually take pride in their work.  After our kitchen designer recommended you, I specifically remember speaking to you on the phone and telling you that my wife and I were spending a pretty good amount of money and needed things done “perfectly”. Although I am skeptical by nature you made me feel pretty confident that you and your team would take care of everything. A few days later you came by my house, took measurements and then sat down with both me and my wife and asked what other expectations we had. I don’t know if you remember but my wife was concerned that the hardware for the cabinets were a special order and would not be in for a few at least a few days after your team was completed with the job. You told us,” no problem” you could have a few guys come by whenever was convenient. About a week later the cabinets came, I called you and the next day as promised you and your team came by and started working. Your entire crew again asked me if there was any additional input my wife and I wanted to give them before they started. During the entire process they checked with my wife to see how the job was progressing. Every time I checked in I noticed the careful attention to detail they put into their work. Many times I saw them re-measure and re-set things that looked fine to me.  They told me, ” If it’s not exact we don’t leave it.” After the job was completed I noticed that the space above the refrigerator and below the top cabinets looked bigger then I had pictured in my head. After looking at the plans with your team leader, your team had installed everything perfectly. He then told me to give him a few minutes to think it through. After about 15 minutes he told me the plan. He took one piece of leftover extra trim and made a custom piece that fits perfectly!  Finally a few days after your team left, the custom hardware for all these cabinets showed up. I called you and a day and half later, sure enough, your guys showed up and cheerfully installed all of it. The entire process of putting this kitchen in place was a pleasure. Thanks again for your professionalism.  The kitchen is beautiful.

-David Pearlstein
Green Star Builders client